Classic Photo By Truell We Make Great Portraits Happen!

We can stop the aging process in it’s tracks.

In fact every day you wait, those precious old photographs continue to deteriorate.

Pollutants in the air, sunlight and humidity are continually eating away at your memories.

Because most photographers around the turn of the century mixed their own chemicals and did their own processing, not all images will last the same. On many old photographs the paper base cracks and yellows. Silver fish and other bugs actually eat photographs. Stains appear as brown spots on the photographs.

Does this sound familiar? But the great news! We can copy the photographs now, before any more damage is done and give you a “like new” copy and even make several that you can even use as a gifts for other family members.

With New Techniques and Technologies

Your Old Faded or Cracked Photographs Can Be Saved!

So, what do you need to do? Gather all of your old photographs and bring them to me. We will do a Free Restorations Audit! This will determine the condition of the photographs and recommend the plan of action to preserve your treasured memories.

What if some old photographs still look good? We can make copies for you to share with others and we will make an archive CD of your image in case of an accident. That way, if there was a fire or flood or simply the photographs were lost or damaged, we will have a way to reproduce one for you. We call it Memory Preservation Insurance.

Don’t put it off any longer, let us preserve your memories today!

Call 336-476-4938 to schedule a time to visit and bring your old photos.

As-is copies start at just $9.95!