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If your child is the most important thing in the world to you…

If you want a memory you will cherish forever…

If you realize how quickly things can change…


Can you relate to this at all?  I wake up every morning and wonder where time has gone.   Have you noticed that the older you get the faster time seems to move?

Watching your child grow up, change and develop is one of the greatest things in life.  Those first few weeks of your new child’s life are some of the most precious moments in time.  When your child smiles, sleeps or even cries, during those first weeks it is all special and amazing.


It’s easy to get caught up in all the new baby things, new routines, new nursery, new clothes , diapers and such, that having that first portrait made that captures the essence of a newborn sometimes gets pushed aside.  Very often when people see our portrait displays and our newborn images, they often say they wish that they had taken the time to find a photographer to make those special images of their child.

It is a fleeting moment that your child will grow out of quickly.

A Very Special Offer For Your New Child


We love to photograph newborns and feel that each and every baby deserves an

artistic and professional photograph in a private studio to capture this special moment in time!

To introduce you to the artistic portraiture that is Classic Photography by Truell, we are offering complimentary sessions on a limited basis, first come first served for newborns 6 weeks old and younger. We can only accept seven newborns each month for this promotion.

Each new baby will receive without cost or further obligation, the complimentary portrait session and one (1) complimentary 5×7 portrait.



All sessions are photographed at our studio

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